Monday, February 28, 2011

Vance Family

My best friend's husband was home recently for a 2 week leave from Afghanistan and I had the opportunity to do some family portraits. Remember our soldiers—both overseas and in America—fighting for our freedom. They are our heroes. But not only them—their families are our heroes too. They've given up so much—a part of their family, a piece of their heart—and we reap the benefits of their sacrifice. Thank you military families for what you do every day.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Girls' Night Out—it always rocks. Sometimes it's sad and scary to think about leaving all my college friends and moving on in life. Overall it's a good thing—that's how life works and I embrace that.

But every once in awhile it's fantastic to just chill and have fun. Friends like these add sparkle to my life. Love you all.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Above-Average Aged People

My fiance and I were walking around the mall today and twice we passed the same elderly gentleman doing laps like a lot of people his age. After scanning the man's style and 'I am who I am' attitude, Jake promptly said, "Old people are so cool." I have to agree. It's great when you get to that age and you wear what you want to wear, do what you want to do, and be who you know you are. And no one can say anything to you. Obviously I don't know from experience and I may be misinterpreting some things, but overall a lot of elderly people give off that vibe. There's much to learn from their wisdom. As I was contemplating all this, I remembered a photo I took of a gentleman while in NYC. I wish I knew his story.