Monday, October 25, 2010


I drew this for my illustration class. The criteria was "Building, Road, and Tree." I've decided I want to live here. In my whimsical little dream tree house.

Imagination is a powerful gift. I'm really trying to learn to exercise my imagination and stretch it farther. Thankfully I have good art buddies (thanks Beau) that always push me to dream outside my comfort zone. People like that make me a better artist and an overall better person.

Friday, October 22, 2010


I am happy (actually extremely overjoyed) to announce that I recently got engaged to my best friend. It's crazy to me because right now is the time of my life that I've been waiting for and now I'm living it.

I mean seriously, I've been planning my wedding since I was in elementary school.
And now I'm doing it for real.

Jake's and my wedding is a celebration of our love for each other and to praise God for how He brought us to where we are now. I want to communicate the idea of celebration to the friends and family that will be celebrating with us through the decorations that I am making for our wedding. So after many scrapped ideas and many changes of mind (yes, I am female), Jake and I are doing the most fun and whimsical kind of wedding we could think up. So as I create decorations and such I may post pictures on here every once in awhile just to give you a teaser of what our day will be like.

Jacob, I am thrilled to be your fiancee. I love you.
Our day can't come soon enough.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dapper Ink Catalog Shoot

To express my creativity in the realm of nature is possibly one of the best things in life. This past Saturday I spent 9 hours at Paris Mountain State Park photographing my lovely friends for the Dapper Ink Catalog. Not only did we get some awesome photos, we had an absolutely wonderful day. It couldn't have been better. Thank you God for a creative mind and for the joy You give in expressing that creativity. You are the ultimate Artist and Creator and it's the coolest thing to be Your image bearer.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Punk or Preppy?

Lately I’ve been disappointed in the fashion trends heading back to the homemaker days of the 50s. Now it’s all about glamour and being ladylike.

Who wants to be ladylike? Not me.

For the past couple years, the punk inspired leather pants and jackets have reigned. Suddenly people are “tired” of it. Tired? I think they just can’t pull it off and they’re tired of TRYING. So what to do but head back to the basics. Mid-calf length skirts. Blousy blouses. Can you see me in a cardigan and loafers? The thought is laughable. There is a right way to pull off that look but overall it’s pretty boring and expected.

I dress how I feel each day. Some days I do feel more “preppy” but I always have some sort of punk element in my outfits. Otherwise I’m not comfortable. I look in the mirror and don’t see me.

One designer I can always count on to be true to himself and stay with a punk/rockstar look is Christophe Decarnin of Balmain. When asked about his Spring 2011 RTW collection, Decarnin stated, "It's a look I've always liked. I keep pictures of it all over my office." The critiques of his work are always so negative. But I’m one to go against the flow and stick to my personal preferences just like Decarnin. Decarnin’s show was drastically different from most other shows for Spring. But maybe that’s why I love him so much.

Dapper Ink Catalog

Last night I shot some product photography for the first ever Dapper Ink catalog. All day tomorrow I'll be shooting photography for the entire catalog. Excited to be a part of this endeavor.