Friday, October 22, 2010


I am happy (actually extremely overjoyed) to announce that I recently got engaged to my best friend. It's crazy to me because right now is the time of my life that I've been waiting for and now I'm living it.

I mean seriously, I've been planning my wedding since I was in elementary school.
And now I'm doing it for real.

Jake's and my wedding is a celebration of our love for each other and to praise God for how He brought us to where we are now. I want to communicate the idea of celebration to the friends and family that will be celebrating with us through the decorations that I am making for our wedding. So after many scrapped ideas and many changes of mind (yes, I am female), Jake and I are doing the most fun and whimsical kind of wedding we could think up. So as I create decorations and such I may post pictures on here every once in awhile just to give you a teaser of what our day will be like.

Jacob, I am thrilled to be your fiancee. I love you.
Our day can't come soon enough.

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